Minds Matter Training C.I.C. is a mental health and suicide prevention training organisation, delivering public and in-company training througout Scotland. 

We offer training to anyone who comes into contact with people who need emotional support i.e. everyone! Our training is truly relevant to everyone, not just those who work in the health or care sector. We support communities to be better equipped to provide support to people in their lives. 

We are commited to providing high quality, relevant, practical and accessible training throughout Scotland. 

We are a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) - a special type of company which exists for community benefit, rather than for private advantage. AS a C.I.C., we are required to report on our acitivites each year to the Community Interest Company Regular, to ensure that we are working for the benefit of the community. 

We are proud to play a key role in the provision of mental health and suicide prevention training in Scotland.